3.M&E Engineer

1. Male-Female, age 23-25 years old and above.
2. Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in mechanical or electrical engineering or related field.
3. 2-3 years experience.
4. Knowledge of safety regulations and standards in mechanical or electrical work.
5. Requires a valid engineering license.
6. Able to communicate in English.

1. Prepare plans and data sheets, specifications to submit to subcontractors for electromechanical system for cost estimation.
2. Summarize the preliminary information and scope of appraisal to the electromechanical subcontractor.
3. Manage the design and installation of mechanical and electrical systems.
4. Coordinate project managers and subcontractors to work on the plan.
5. Supplier/Contractor Management
6. M&E Delivery Project
7. Prepare a quantity and price statement (BOQ) for electrical and mechanical works to be included with the construction work and submit a bid to the employer.
8. Other tasks as assigned

Social Security
Health Insurance
Overtime pay
Guideline bonus

Other Benefits
Provident Fund
Annual health check-up
Welfare allowance, maternity visit basket funeral

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