1.Senior Procurement Engineer


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
  • Age : 30-36
  • At least 5 years’ experience
  • Familiar to MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, Adobe
  • Good written & spoken English
  • Good interpersonal and communication skill.
  • Good attitude, problem solving, critical thinker, team working


  • Summary of expenses for assigned projects and sub-projects every month By comparing with the Cost Summary and Cost Detail received from the accounting department.
  • Check the price comparison documents (CCC & Compare Sheet) of the contractor or supplier received from the project manager by checking the costs used for that work, the price per unit, and reference documents.
  • Calculate the assessed value by comparing past data. and record it in the price comparison document To know the appropriate price for procurement of each project.
  • Check disbursement documents of contractors and suppliers received from the project manager every month by checking such as address, invoice number, amount, taxes and duties to ensure they are correct and complete. and record the information in an Excel file and Cloudia system for further use in disbursing money to contractors and suppliers.
  • Summarize the amount and status of subcontracts for all projects to send to supervisors for review.
  • Monitor and control procurement of assigned projects. By considering price comparison documents and disbursement documents. As well as informing the project manager when unusual information is found. So that the procurement of the project is within the specified budget.
  • Keep a register of new contractors and suppliers. By coordinating and requesting relevant documents from the work site. To store in accordance with the quality system
  • Other tasks as assigned

Welfare and Benefits

  • Social Security
  • Work 5 days a week
  • Health Insurance
  • Overtime pay

How to apply for a job Apply for jobs through E-mail : nichapa@taisei-thailand.co.th or walk-in

Tel. : 022070330 ext.121 (Ms.Nichapa)

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