Basic features
• Regular work
• 2 – 5 years
• Ayutthaya and Central Region
• Higher Vocational Certificate (Vocational Certificate) or higher.
• 20,000 – 40,000 baht/month

• Education: Vocational Certificate in Construction.
• Experience: Has experience in construction for not less than 2 years.
• Skills, knowledge, and abilities. Knowledge/ Skills/ abilities
• Have knowledge of construction and can read drawings.
• Able to use MS-Office programs.
• Have communication skills.
• Able to work: Able to work in Chonburi, Rayong, Ayutthaya, Bangkok (Able to work at all company sites)

• Set work steps from the daily construction plan. By specifying the working point and assign contractors to each team to carry out construction work of the project under responsibility
• Supervise construction. By inspecting the contractor’s work and other employees under care To work according to the work steps and plans for each day Including checking the quality of the work that is done every day to meet the quality standards of the project that have been set3.
• Plan and supervise the use of various materials and equipment in construction work to be in order. Including controlling the amount of materials and equipment to work adequately for daily use
• Check cleanliness according to 5S at the construction site. By walking and inspecting the condition of the construction site before starting work, during work, and after work. Provide advice on arranging materials and equipment for various tasks. with contractors in accordance with the 5S principles to keep the work site clean and orderly
• Report construction progress in various areas. By summarizing the daily construction progress against the construction plan. Take progress photos and write a report on the condition of the work site and the problem conditions that occur in detail To present to the supervisor for further consideration.

welfare benefit
• social security
• Health insurance
• Overtime pay
• Performance-based bonuses
• Travel expenses
• Vehicle cost

How to apply for a job Apply for jobs through E-mail : personnel2@taisei-thailand.co.th, Apply by mail and apply by yourself
Contact information: Khun Naruedee Maninandana

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• Tel. : 022070330 ext.122
• E-mail : personnel2@taisei-thailand.co.th
• Website : http://www.taisei-thailand.co.th