4.Procurement Manager*Urgently

Basic Requirements
Full Time
10 – 20 Year
Bangkok and its Vicinity
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
80,000 – 100,000 baht/month

– Supervision and monitoring of the procurement project to do work volume and its accuracy. Be under budget Including documenting Site Profit report for every project To present to the management to follow up on the progress of each project. Including collecting information on purchasing and hiring to make a database In the further price comparison.
– Prepare reports such as the market price of building materials in the market. Purchasing price Domestic wages summary By collecting data and preparing reports To present to supervisors and related persons.
– Check report Monthly cost and quarterly budget summary report Of sub-projects (Misc Work) that receive information from subordinates To present to supervisors and related persons.
– Prepare Site Profit Planning reports by collecting and reviewing all information on every project. To present to the management to follow up on the progress of each project.
– Gather information on procurement work By using information from the contractor opening Frequent expenses Come save in the system To create a database of the company.
– Collect contract documents from relevant departments To deliver to the Malaysian branch office.
– Prepare a procurement plan for the main project. In consultation with the project manager About the details and budget of the project In order to be able to procure and hire on time.
– Review the procurement plan for the subproject (Misc Work) that has been informed by subordinates. In order to be able to procure and hire on time.
– Check the price comparison document (CCC & Compare Sheet) of the contractor or Supplier that received information from subordinates. For use in the proceeding of purchasing – procurement.
– Check the assessed value (Assessed Value) from the price comparison document. Received from subordinates To know the appropriate price in the procurement of each project.
– Review the procurement contract Receiving information from subordinates to make the procurement work more efficient.
– Check the disbursement documents of contractors and suppliers that receive information from subordinates every month in order to continue disbursement to contractors and suppliers.
– Make a detailed budget By bringing the document to estimate the price of each project. To compose a new form of the company For future reference.
– Review and control the procurement of all projects based on price comparison documents Disbursement documents and Site Profit Report, as well as inform the project manager when abnormal information is found. So that the procurement of the project is within the specified budget.
– Record actual budgets in Cloudia program by getting data from the job site. To store as a database in the system.

– Age preferably 35-45 years
– Bachelor of Civil Engineering or related fields
– Work experience price estimation and purchasing for not less than 10 years
– Knowledge and understanding
– Construction process
– Construction contracts and sub-contracts
– Examining engineering workloads
– Components of the construction cost of the project
– Budget control principles
– Communication and presentation skills
– Thinking, analytical and planning skills
– Team building skills
– Change management skills
– Strong written & spoken English & Thai (International experience preferred)
– Leadership
– Ability to manage emotions

Welfare and Benefits
– Provident Fund
– Staff training and development
– Annual health check
– 5-day work week
– Social security
– Health insurance
– Group health insurance
– Accident Insurance
– Employee’s uniform
– Funeral payment support
– Performance/results-based bonus
– Annual bonus

Additional Company Information
Industry Engineering – Building, Civil, Construction / Quantity Survey
Benefits & Others Housing allowance, Life insurance, Medical insurance, Overtime pay, Performance bonus, Transportation allowance, Travel allowance

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