Estimator/Cost Estimator

• Gender : Male , Female
• Age 25 years and over
• Bachelor’s degree Civil Engineering field
• 3 years or more of experience (price estimation, factory construction, and building work).
• Have a license to practice controlled engineering. Associate Engineer Level
• Can read construction drawings. and able to understand 3D images
• Able to use Microsoft Excel very well.
• Understand standard construction processes.

Basic features
• routine
• 3 – 5 year
• Bangkok
• Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering

Duties and Responsibilities
• Receive construction drawings and documents related to bidding, check drawings and documents according to the requirements of bidding for each project to be correct and complete.
• Remove the amount of structural work (reinforced concrete, steel structure work), architectural work, exterior work by considering the details in the construction drawings received. Carry out the correct and complete removal of the amount of work required in the construction in order to prepare the BOQ correctly and completely according to the requirements.
• Examine the cost of construction work, such as material cost, labor cost, by inquiring for prices from subcontractors and shops, as well as checking the accuracy of quotations of contractors and shops proposed to compare prices and prepare unit costs of projects to be bid.
• Verify the accuracy of the total workload and summarize the workload into the workload account for use as data in the preparation of the Structure Ratio.
• Assist in inspecting the location of the construction project in the auction by taking photos and recording the physical characteristics, entrance and exit of the project and the construction area for use as supporting information in the auction.

Welfare and Benefits
• Social Security
• Work 5 days a week
• Health Insurance
• Overtime pay
• Guideline bonus
• Travel expenses
• Vehicle Cost

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Contact information: Khun Naruedee Maninandana

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