Human Resources Officer

Basic Requirements
Full Time
3 – 7 Year
Bachelor’s Degree
20,000 – 30,000 baht/month

1. Responsible for overall HR functions, recruitment, training, employee welfare, and other related fields
2. Recruitment sourcing candidates, interviewing, reference checks, salary negotiation, etc., Update manpower and organization chart
3. Evaluation of employees for probation (119 Days)
4. Issue of the warning document, Termination, Employee certificate letter,
5. Training and development such as the training plan, Training need, the documents
6. Submitted to Institute for Skill Development each time and annual report, Orientation new employee
7. Benefits, Uniform, Annual medical Check-up Program, Team Building, Staff party
8. Development and implementation of the company policy of rules and regulations, Employee handbook
9. Performs other duties as assigned.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource, Political Sciences, Public Administration or related field
2. Good command of English.
3. Good in Microsoft Office Skills.
4. Good personality

Welfare and Benefits
– Provident Fund
– Staff training and development
– Overtime
– Vehicle fee
– Overtime pay
– Annual health check-up
– 5-day work week
– Social security
– Health insurance
– Group health insurance
– Accident Insurance
– Employee’s uniform
– Performance/results-based bonus

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