Produce Organic Fertilizer from Food Waste

Food waste that we throw away each day besides giving off a putrid smell it can produce methane, which floats into the atmosphere and produces greenhouse gases that cause of global warming.

Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is aware of the cost-effective use of resources. So, we organized a campaign for employees to reduce food waste, dispose of food waste properly and add value with a food waste composter which has long researched from world-class researchers in South Korea. It claimed as a diligent microorganisms strain that can break down food waste quickly and less smell naturalize, it does not just drying but decomposed into organic fertilizers with NPK values ​​(N-Nitrogen, P-Phosphorus and K-Potassium) as standard with complete plant nutrients to nourish trees. There is also no disturbing smell, help reduce the use of plastic waste bags and help save electricity cost.