Quality Inspection Engineer

Basic Requirements
Full Time
5 – 8 Year
Bangkok and its Vicinity
Bachelor’s Degree
25,000 – 50,000 baht/month

1. Plan construction quality control (Quality Control) with quality system documents.
2. Inspect, assess, and control the construction quality of the project during construction as well as deliver it in accordance with the standards of the quality system and the company.
3. Inspect, evaluate and control the quality of construction work of subcontractors for submission of work (Payment)
4. Prepare a report of the construction quality assessment and follow up the correction to be completed according to the schedule.
5. Prepare a summary report of the results of the audit that affect the quality control system of construction work, quality assurance for the improvement and development of construction standards and processes.
6. Report the results of quality inspection at all stages and make a summary.
7. Coordinate construction quality after delivery.
8. Supervise and supervise the records of quality evidence of construction work related to delivery and traceability.
9. Collect, analyze and synthesize data for the development of quality assurance and quality control systems.
10. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors and executives.

Welfare and Benefits
– Site Allowance
– Provident Fund
– Staff training and development
– Overtime
– Accommodation allowance (in other provinces)
– Overtime pay
– Travel expenses Vehicle Cost
– Annual health check-up
– Social security
– Health insurance
– Group health insurance
– Accident Insurance
– Ordination leave
– Employee’s uniform
– Funeral payment support
– Performance/results-based bonus

How to apply for a job Apply for jobs through E-mail : personnel2@taisei-thailand.co.th, Apply by mail and apply by yourself
Contact information: Khun Naruedee Maninandana

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