Building construction is our main service of Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd., especially the construction of industrial buildings, which are complex engineering processes conducted by the expertise of engineering personnel align with long construction lines experience. Moreover, the ability of architectural design personnel to develop construction designs to suit modern construction methods has made Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. construction works recognized and satisfied by customers with the international standards management.


Beyond quality construction, design work is also another specialty part that Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. can design buildings  including  decorate the environment surrounding the building appropriately, both in terms of functionality and esthetic design according customer’s requirements.


Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a renowned construction specialist who has been responsible for over 37 years of construction projects. The project is based on confidence in the potential and readiness of the organization in all aspects in terms of engineering knowledge, operational experience and competent personnel including modern machines. Therefore, the time and cost can be properly controlled and able to deliver the work that is beautiful, complete, strong, and accurate according to the design within the specified period and customers satisfied.



Because construction work requires special expertise, Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offers a full range of construction services. Which it’s operated by a team of specialists in each area that are ready to provide care from consulting, requesting permission for construction, design, construction, including various engineering systems within the building, in every step of the process, properly and appropriately according to the engineering principles.

Buildings are like human body, decline with age and decrease function. Building renovation is a service of Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. we pay attention to every step starting from the study of the history, surveyor implementation to examine the original building condition both in terms of Architectural, Structural engineering and ME system engineering to suggest ways to improve and restore old buildings to be used more efficiently and safely. The building renewal performing regular check and repair enables to maintain building in good condition and extend building life.


Rehabilitation of engineering systems within the building performed by a team of specialized engineers who have knowledge and understanding of electrical systems, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and sanitation systems.



To bringing life back of the buildings come alive again with services. There are renovate buildings, places that have deteriorated by the engineering team. They will evaluate structure in detail before offering an operational renovation plan how to improve the building without affecting the original environment and architecture.


For the safety of using the building, Taisei (Thailand) offers a building inspection service by a professional engineer team with an evaluation report and recommendations for future renovations.


Maintenance is one of Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. services, we are focusing on repairing and replacing internal equipment of building.


Preventive maintenance is one type of building maintenance to evaluate, repair or replace equipment as designed expiration date.


Environmental studies is a service of Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. that emphasizes on raising value up which is the process of creating value leading to value added for various projects and improve the quality of life of people and the environment. 

The details of the study are as following:


Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. engages on the concept of being an environmentally conscious construction company by conducting a study on the concept of carbon-free construction and preserving the nature surrounding the land or building to remain.


Zero energy building is a building designed to take advantage of nature to reduce energy consumption in the building. There is energy saving in various systems and has its own power generation equal to or greater than the energy used inside the building. Zero-energy design of medium and large sized buildings is a key concept that the Taisei Corporation, headquarter in Japan urgently take into action. This is align with the Net-zero emissions concept, which the global goal sets to achieve by 2050.


Green building is a building that designed to least impact on the environment. This must cover energy efficiency which must take into account the impact that occurs throughout the period of utilization of the building from choosing a building location, designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, modifying, until demolishing the building, building construction and renovation to enhance the quality of building design that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Feasibility studies is one of Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. services, we are focusing on preliminary studies before starting to design and construct buildings in order to reduce the risk before the actual investment, the details of the study are as follows:



We’re study the town planning law, land use of that project and other measures such as required distance between buildings, setback distance, building height, etc.



To study and apply for construction permission under building control act as an owner’s attorney to support and reduce customer’s responsibility.



Cost analysis will cover assessing the economic value for the project’s worthiness and accurately calculating of budget and construction costs. It performed by an experts team who can analyze all costs for customers at the beginning of the project until the construction is completed and deliver the work covering both the cost of materials labor cost operating costs in detail.