Active and Transparent Culture

We value diversity and, through open and active communication lines and networks both internal and external to the Taisei Group, seek to cultivate a transparent and active corporate culture in which all of our officers and employees are able to reach their full potential.

Value Creation

Not limited to our understanding of society at large, we carefully take into account the needs of our clients and using all of the technology and know-how at our disposal, together with our passion for innovation and ingenuity, seek to construct innovative and valuable engineering projects that inspire and impress our clients.

Evolution of Tradition

We aim to instill within the Taisei Group the Japanese tradition of monozukuri (precise, superb craftsmanship) and continually challenge ourselves to provide ever more valuable contributions to society and ensure our continued development and growth as a respected corporate group. As a close-knit team made up of dedicated corporate professionals, we engage in our corporate activities with passion, enthusiasm and sincerity.