MOU Signing Ceremony with Science and Technology Park (STeP)

Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has responded to SDGs Model and BCG Economy Model in collaboration with Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University. The two parties have cooperated in the following projects. 

Project No.1: Northern Science Park (NSP) Extension for EECi Connect

Project No.2: Northern Science Park (NSP) Smart Building

Project No.3: New Normal for Innovative Food Fabrication Pilot Plant and Facility Management

Project No.4: Construction and Demolition (C&D): Waste recycling pilot plant: Phase 1

According to the exchange of knowledge and expertise between organizations as the agreement in the MOU of Chiang Mai University and Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which allies with Sustainable Development Goals in the management policy of Chiang Mai University.